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Aleksander Żywiecki

Born 15th July 1962 in Katowice. Studied at the Faculty of Graphics at the Katowice branch of the Cracow Academy of the Fine Arts (1982-88) under the direction of Jacek Rykała for Painting, Adam Romaniuk for Graphical Design, and Sanisław Gawron in Graphics.
During the first few years after graduation he concentrated mainly on workshop and design graphics. As for paintings, he experimented with non-figurative abstraction and tashism.
After year 1990 he took a new road and focused on Polish landscape. Since than every year he has taken part in numerous plein-air sessions and has presented his beautiful, romantic works in exhibitions and museums both in Poland and abroad. As the most prestigious he rates three of them: the retrospective exhibition in Museum of Silesia in Katowice, the exhibition in ANYA TISH GALLERY in Huston, USA which promotes Eropean artists and finally his participation in all-European event EUROPALIA 2001 in Belgium. Żywiecki’s paintings enriched many private collections and Polish diplomatic stations all over the world. He lives in Silesia.

Characteristics of style:

Aleksander Żywiecki has not cut himself off, like modern trends indicates, from traditional landscape painting from the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century. Instead of all those –ISMS he sticks to old good realistic painting, which stays in close relation to what it presents. His works are not simple representations, though. The artist’s hand adds a touch of mistery and disquieting beauty. There are few young artists painting such clouds, grasses and trees nowadays. Just a landscape, one can say, but the Landscape is simply bulged with meaning that bumps our heads with significance of the most common things.

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